Gravel Productions is a Texas based independent film company dedicated to producing independent documentary and feature films as well as made for tv pilots.

Our goal is to produce films that entertain and educate audiences. As an independent film producer, we are interested in being involved in all stages of film making, from development through distribution.

Our Founders

Adam Janes

Will Scoville


“Voice of the Unknown, A Paranormal Investigation”

Chasing disembodied spirits, intriguing celebrity guests, and a brother’s pursuit for the truth. Voice of the Unknown, A Paranormal Investigation is a feature length documentary about skeptic Will Scoville and his paranormal research team’s journey into the forbidden world of the supernatural. Teamed with the Central Texas Paranormal Society, his researchers examine some the most dark and disturbing haunted locations in central Texas.

Director: Will Scoville

Written by: Adam Janes and Will Scoville

Starring: Will Scoville, Brena Roberts, Philip Huddleston, Jay Pennington, Waylon Payne, Bree Scoville, and Rodrigo Botti